Why craft?


To me, crafting is a lot more then just going to a craft store and loading up on expensive supplies that will only be used for one project. To me, crafting is the ultimate form of creativity: looking around you, recognizing a need, and figuring out how to make something to meet that need.

When I was little I would stay in my room all day and make stuff. My parents refused to buy me a dollhouse so I made one. I felt like putting on a puppet show so I made a stage and puppets to match. I was going through a Harry Potter phase and made my own wands and ‘potions’. This trained my brain to look at the world through a creative lens, and when possible- make instead of buy.

Many crafters latch on to one type of craft, for example: knitting, or card making. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that is not the case for me. I never pigeon-holed myself into one type of material, or one technique. Instead, I set out to passionately experience and learn as much as possible about EVERYTHING. I love making things out of paper, I know how to use a sewing machine, I can knit, I have some basic woodworking skills, I love painting, and a bunch of other things. The only downfall to being a multi-crafter is the size of the supply stash that comes with the territory! So finding creative ways to store and organize became a necessary skill too.

I am not a selfish crafter either- I love making things for others who I know will appreciate it, and enjoy teaching others how to make stuff too. Many people have convinced themselves over time that they are not “artistic” or “creative”, but that’s not true! I believe that with enough encouragement and the right instruction anyone can become a confident crafter and maker.

The best feeling for me is to start a project that requires very few supplies, finish it in a short time, and get to display it proudly. My favorite thing to hear is “you made that?!”- such an ego boost, I know! But it reaffirms why I craft- not only does it brings me joy, it also inspires those around me. That is why I am currently exploring ways to bring that joy and inspiration to my community, through creative classes and workshops. Stay tuned to hear more in future posts!

Why do you craft? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Why craft?

  1. Annie says:

    I love to create. I get an immense satisfaction out of turning ordinary materials into something beautiful. As a graphic designer using the computer to design print materials like cards, fliers, tags, calendars, etc is very natural for me. But several years ago I was into scrapbooking and about a year ago I started making cards using stamps, die cuts, inks, and embellishments which totally feeds my inordinate love for paper.

    Then I started using watercolor in my card making. And I’m off!!! Watercolor is my new passion and I think I have purchased almost every brand of watercolor medium there is. I enjoy coloring. I love color!

    I am like you though in that I like all kinds of crafts: sewing, embroidery, painting on glass (stenciling), making ornaments. I love working with felt, glitter, fabric, trim, sequins, pom poms, and all kinds of embellishments. I made an Advent calendar by sewing it using felt, and using glitter glue to write the numbers (it was a gift for my son). I tried my hand at stenciling glass vessels using Martha Stewart stencils (fern stencil-turned out gorgeous).

    I looked at my empty ribbon rings (you know the cardboard left after you have used all the ribbon) and said “how could i use these?” So I wrapped them in ribbon and made wreath ornaments. I embroidered an Alphabet Sampler designed by Alicia Paulson from ” Rosie Little Things” which I still need to frame but so enjoyed making.

    And in the last year have made hundreds of greeting cards. Your tutorials have inspired me to branch out even more. I want to make bead star ornaments, embroider felt ornaments, make a cake stand, make miniature houses for a Christmas village, stencil some more on glass, make paper wreaths, (and that book tree) …the list is growing and growing. I also want to take the paper I love so well and make 3d wall art. Mondocherry is a website I follow (and also a home goods boutique shop in Australia) and the ladies who own the shop make these gorgeous paper flower creations as wall art out of old magazines and vintage books. Their work is amazingly beautiful so that inspired me too! 😊🙄😊

    Thanks for re-energizing me to continue doing what I love to do-create! I think we are kindred spirits! (Sorry for the long post-but I am excited!)

    Happiest of new years to you!

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