DIY Cake Plate / Cake Stand

cake plate collage

I have been wanting a cake stand like these ones above for a while, but they are pretty expensive! So for about $5 I put this just-as-lovely alternative together…

I used:

– Short glass candlestick holder

– Shallow glass plate / saucer

– Hot glue gun

I wasn’t going to write steps, as this is pretty self explanatory, but here goes:

Step 1: Glue the candlestick holder to the plate.

And you’re finished!

blur plate pic

If I didn’t tell you otherwise, you would have never guessed that this ‘crystal-look’ elegant cake stand is made out of thrift store finds hot-glued together!

This would look awesome spray painted as well, or made using a ceramic saucer. I’m thinking a really cute antique-y one with dainty flowers and gold around the edge would look stunning.

DIY could not be easier than this, so I hope you give it a try!

blur cookies


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