Easy & Pretty Coffee Filter Flowers DIY


coffee filter flowers pin 2

In the spirit of upcycling and crafting with thrifty materials, I give you: Coffee Filter Flowers! I hear you, these guys are all over Pinterest. These coffee filter flowers range from super realistic and intricate roses, all the way to simplistic hydrangea-like puff balls. This is a middle ground: super easy and quick, but still gives you great flexibility to create a variety of pretty flowers!

You can absolutely leave your coffee filters flowers white, but I like dip-dyeing the filters beforehand in watercolors to create a beautiful ombre effect. Alternatively, you could also use food coloring, or diluted acrylic paint. If you dip the edges of the coffee filter, the resulting flower will have tinted tips. If you dip the centre of the coffee filter, your flower will have a glow of color emenating from the centre. For bonus points, dip the edges and center of your coffee filters in 2 different colors for a gradient effect!

You will need:

  • Coffee Filters (my local dollar store had a 100 pack for $1)
  • Skewer / stick / floral wire
  • Hot glue

Start with stacking 3 coffee filters. You can use more- 5 filters make an extra fluffy flower!

coffee filter flowers- step 1

Stack your coffee filters in a pile, and fold them in half like a taco:

Coffee filter flowers- step 2

Then fold them in half again into a quarter circle:

coffee filter flowers- step 3

Cut out your petal shapes. You can try rounded petals, thin and pointy ones, or scalloped edges- each results in a totally different looking flower!

coffee filter flowers- step 4

Unfold your filters, keep them stacked, and take a moment to make sure the petals are cut in deeply enough towards the centre.

coffee filter flowers- step 5

Pierce your skewer through the centre of all filters. They are now loaded and ready to go!

coffee filter flowers- step 6

Squeeze hot glue on the centre of your top filter, and bunch up the filter to adhere it to the top of your skewer.

coffee filter flowers- step 7

Repeat this step gluing and layering all your filters.

coffee filter flowers- step 8

Once all your filters are glues, fluff out your petals and admire your beautiful flower!

coffee filter flower- finished

You can finish off your flower by adding silk leaves around the base, or use green ribbon instead.

These come together quickly, and you can easily crank out a whole bunch, making them an excellent craft project for wedding décor, like centrepieces or bouquets.

I hope you try this fun project as it is perfect for spring décor, and uses items you probably already have at home! Perfect for crafters on a budget! 😉


coffee filter flower pin 3


12 thoughts on “Easy & Pretty Coffee Filter Flowers DIY

  1. Mary Hammond says:

    Would you give us an example of filters cut for the chrysanthemum type flower? Can’t seem to get my mind wrapped around that one.


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