Mesh Storage Decoration

We all have them- bland, boring, uninspiring storage containers. They serve a single utilitarian purpose- organization! And while their plain, understated style may work in more extreme minimalist spaces, I am a firm believer that every item you surround yourself with should have even the smallest bit of your personality reflected in it.

mesh storage decoration before after pin

Start with a simple mesh storage container- you can find these in most office supply stores, but your local thrift store probably has a bunch of these too! So if you are in the mood to be environmentally friendly AND thrifty at the same time, check there first. This metal mesh material is  very sturdy and easy to clean, so you are likely to find ones in good condition- make sure to check for rust spots!

mesh magazine holder before 1

You can find the same style of this mesh container as a magazine holder, pen cup, paper sorting shelf, mail sorter, and a bunch of other table top organizer containers.

When it comes to decorating these, I picked embroidery thread, for a few reasons:
1. I already had a good selection in my stash
2. It comes in bright punchy colors
3. You can find a variety pack of it at your dollar store
4. It gave me an opportunity to practice my stitching! (which still needs improvement lol)

mesh magazine holder after pin

This is a great chance to practice any kind of embroidery or cross stitching patterns or techniques that you have been meaning to try, as the larger scale and sturdy mesh are fairly forgiving. The hard part is knowing when to stop! So I just kept going with fun geometric shapes, lines, and repeating patterns- very relaxing busy-hands type stuff! This is also a great activity for older kids to practice fine motor skills, just make sure to use a plastic needle for the threading, and supervise when scissors are involved! You can provide templates for shapes, or just let their imagination run free, like I did with mine!

Do you have boring office storage that needs perking up? I hope you give this fun project a try, and let me know what you think in the comments! ❤

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