String ornaments DIY

Got some cardboard and string? You can make your own ornaments! Here’s how:


Pen / pencil
Hot glue gun
Assorted ribbon and string (also: yarn, twine, rope, etc)


Draw your shape on a piece of cardboard and cut out. To reinforce, cut the same shape but going the opposite way of the cardboard grain.

Step 2:
Glue your two identical piece together, sandwiching a loop of ribbon in between for hanging.

Step 3:
Wrap and glue string all the way around!


Have fun with different materials for different results: Yarn for a fuzzy “Christmas sweater” look, twine for a rough rustic look, rope for a nautical spin.

Decorate and embellish to your heart’s content: Adding ribbons, bells, bows, faux branches, or cut out felt shapes!

These are great for a handmade Christmas gift, or as additional embellishments to other gifts: draped over the neck of a wine bottle for a personal touch, or included with a personalized gift tag to top off a present.

The shapes I have found to work best are hearts and candy canes, but feel free to experiment with other shapes like trees or bells!

Since the materials are mostly upcycled and affordable, I think that makes it the perfect quick and easy holiday craft! Which combination of materials is your favorite?


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