New Dining Room!

With our move to the new place, there were plenty of opportunities to re-work and re-arrange the way each room looks and feels. To add to that, the apartment we bought came fully furnished- so we had 2 of everything! One of the rooms we finished first was the dining room, as we love to entertain and couldn’t wait to host our friends and families. After some discussion, we decided to give away our old wooden dining table (last seen here), in favor of this oval glass table and set of 4 upholstered chairs that came with the apartment. I was originally not a fan, as I don’t like dark wood color, and thought the “wine rack” base looked a little funny. Add to that the fact that I’m terribly clumsy, which is not a good mix with glass anything! But, the larger size meant we could host more friends comfortably, so function won over preference 😛 With the dining set also came a little glass bar/ side board, and I’m still thinking how to make it more functional with a tray on top- suggestions welcome!

dining5    dining3

We kept our “Red City” canvas, even though it doesn’t 100% go with the rest of the room, but until we decide on something else, its a nice focal point!

We also recently painted the walls a cool gray, to help make the space feel more modern. It looks a bit blueish under certain light, so I might have to play around with the light bulbs in the hanging fixture!


One of the major project we undertook for this room was having a focal wall covered in wallpaper! Selecting the wallpaper was the easy part, we both loved the chevron print and the subtle shiny stripe. I have never applied wallpaper before, so it was a learning process, but after watching a bunch of YouTube how-to videos, I felt confident enough to tackle it! I think it came out great!

dining1     dining2

So glad this room is done! Still a few decorative pieces I would like to add over time, but I generally go for a more clean and modern look, so I much prefer it uncluttered!

diningroom Collage

Let me know what you think in the comments! ❤

Collecting vs. Hoarding- is your treasure really trash?

We moved! Which makes 4 moves in the past 5 years, yet I still don’t feel like an expert 😛

One of the aspects of moving I always dread is decluttering, and taking a critical look at the mountains of STUFF, and think if this is really ALL worth hauling along.
Let me be the first to admit- I am guilty of hanging on to ridiculous things with the thought that “This would be perfect in some abstract future situation”! But I think overall I keep this habit under control, restricting it mostly to craft supplies, and don’t get too attached to material possessions. This has been extremely important for me to do personally, as we mostly lived in small urban spaces with minimal storage.

This, however, is not the case for Mrs. B, my mother-in-law. She takes pride in her treasure trove of useless things that are filling up her closet, garage, and crawl-space. As an example, she has amassed a collection of 5 baby gates.  There is no current baby in her life, nor will there be any time soon, however on she goes to collect, like a squirrel at the first signs of fall.
This problem is escalated by her inability to refuse “free stuff”. By this I mean whenever a neighbor, a friend, a relative, or a total stranger says to her- “I’m getting rid of this, do you want it?” her answer will always be a resounding YES. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t actually NEED it right now, it doesn’t matter that its too big or heavy for her to carry home, it doesn’t matter that she has no use for it and even no space for it, she WILL take it.

As we were moving, we were getting rid of some things, and as always asked her first “do you need it?” and yes, we know this is making it worse, but we really needed to get rid of stuff fast and we know she would say yes, so we did it anyways. As she was loading up her car full with our STUFF, she said: “you guys know all this stuff would end up back in your hands eventually? But I know what you would do with all my treasures, donate it all straight to the thrift store”. The absurdity of the situation still strikes me, she knows we would inherit her junk and have to deal with it again, yet she collects anyways. We jokingly refer to her as a “borderline-hoarder”, but choose to ignore the facts that we are not only contributing to the problem, but that it would come back to bite us in the end, and it would again be our turn to deal with the all the STUFF. She looks at it as treasure, and chooses to surround herself with it and enjoy each piece, yet appreciates the fact that it would be dumped as soon as it is in our hands again.

Do you know a “borderline-hoarder” in your life? Do you collect “treasures” yourself? Where is the line drawn between collecting and hoarding? Leave a comment and let me know!

Dining Room Decor

dining room

So previously I have shared with you some mini-transformations of different spaces in our apartment (See my vanity area here, and my SO’s office here). We have been living in our current place about 6 months, so most spots are already the way we like them, so I figure I should share that with you also!

First up, our dining room!

Now, our apartment is fairly small, so it’s not really a dining ROOM per-say, more of a dining area, that is a corner between the kitchen and the living room.

Table: We got it ‘as-is’ (previously returned) at IKEA. This table is much smaller then the previous one we had, but I really like the simple and sleek look and the color.

Chairs: Got them for about $20 each at Superstore. Yes, we bought our dining room chairs at a grocery store. Don’t judge. The curved shape makes them comfy and they are light enough that we can move them around easily for company.

Art: Got it at Home Sense for about $25. I originally was not a fan of the strong colors, but my SO convinced me otherwise, and since then we always get compliments on it!

Table decor: My DIY bottle vase made for FREE. See the DIY here.

I will continue to share other parts of our space in future posts, so check back soon! ❤