Cute Cloud Lamp

As some of you may already know (If you read my last post… hint hint!) I am expecting! And as the nesting instinct is swinging into full speed, expect to see a few more decor projects that I am working on for the nursery!

First up- this adorable IKEA hack! I have been seeing this cute sleepy eyes design everywhere, and I knew it would be perfect for a night light! Zero planning and prep, dive right in:

I used the DROMSYN cloud lamp from IKEA, it is $12.99 here in Canada, here is a link:

You can customize this fun decor piece any way you like- with swirls, patterns, sayings, anything your imagination can dream up! A few quick tips:

– You may need to go over your lines a few times to make sure they are opaque and not showing any streaks.
– You can correct mistakes with a cotton pad or swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
– This is a DIY, so don’t get hung up on making it perfect! I love the slight imperfections as it adds character.

I hope you try this cute DIY, and stay tuned for more nursery decor projects! I may not be posting as frequently, so make sure to follow the blog to get email notifications when I post, and if you would like you can also subscribe to my youtube channel so you can be the first to see when I publish a new video! ❤

Quick Vanity Transformation

vanity b+a

Since I was about 8 or so I have dreamed of having a vanity, but for budget and space reasons I never got to have it. Recently, with some recent furniture shuffles in our bedroom / office (that’s another post for another week), a corner and a small desk became available. “Use me!” the little desk cried, so I obliged. Here is a quick run through of how I turned a $30 Ikea desk into the vanity of my dreams:

Lamp: Had it already for 4 years, got it at Ikea for ~$10.

Flowers: Glass “jar” used to be a vinegar bottle. Flowers from the dollar store ~$1.50.

Jewellery display: I usually only wear earrings, so that is the only type of jewellery that needs to be within easy reach. Pink display from thrift store ~$3.

Makeup storage: I don’t wear much makeup, and most of it is drugstore, so nothing fancy that needs to be on display. Floral makeup case was a Clinique free-gift-with-purchase from a few years back.

Purple and beige fabric boxes: Came as part of a set of 6 in different sizes from Ikea, ~$10. Other boxes are being used in my dresser and the bathroom. I use these here to store hair accessories and daily cosmetics. Under the table a larger one is used for hair straightener and cords.

Wall decor: Garland is leftover yarn from a knitting project. Sunset graphic is cut out from a David’s Tea brochure. Flower print is from an old planner. Inspirational words by me. All held up by washi tape leftover from a Christmas card project from 2 years ago.

So I actually only spent $4.50 on this transformation, the rest were things I already had for other purposes. Not bad for a dream vanity! Next on my list- finding a stool to match.

Lesson– transforming a space is not about going out and buying all new stuff, its about evaluating its function and re-using things you already have. Shuffling accessories in unexpected ways around your space can give them new life, and create the space of your dreams!

This is the type of work I enjoy most: taking a space apart and putting it back together, thinking creatively about every piece that goes into it, and re-using as much as possible. Need help transforming your space? Check the ‘About Me’ page to contact me, I would love to help!